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General Background

Trent is the oldest son of Howard and Gerda Bruner of Canwood, Saskatchewan, Canada.

He began his musical involvement at age 12 with piano lessons under Grace Buhler in Canwood, Saskatchewan. He acquired his grade schooling in Canwood and holds degrees in elementary music education and elementary classroom education from the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, majoring in piano under Cecile Desrosiers and Naida Archer, minoring in voice with Murray Moats, and studying accompanying under Nadya March. He sang for four years in the Greystone Singers, the University’s touring concert choir, including performances at the Saskatchewan Pavilion during EXPO '86 in Vancouver (where he also sang solo), and the inauguration of Ray Hnatyshyn as Governor-General of Canada in January 1990, as well as played tuba for two years in the University of Saskatchewan Concert Band. He also holds a Masters degree in ethnomusicology from the University of Bergen in Bergen, Norway, with his Masters thesis being an ethnomusicological biography on Saskatchewan fiddler and accordionist Everett Larson entitled Everett Larson - An Ethnomusicological Biography:  Music as Community in the Life of a Saskatchewan Traditional Folk Musician. For a musical change of pace, Trent also plays guitar and sings. He is also active as a music teacher, choir conductor, composer and choral music arranger. Trent has also been active in as a volunteer church pianist with the United Church of Canada and as an employed organist with the Norwegian Lutheran Church. He has also appeared as a guest at various church services and related functions in Canada and Norway with various Christian denominations, and is presently taking organ lessons with Norwegian church organist Kirsten Øgaard.


  • Set music to three original contemporary French Canadian songs by Saskatchewan Francophone Vocalist Award winner Pauline Gauthier ("Boy", "Dis-moi pas", "Tu est as Laline" - April & November 1999).
  • Created the musical arrangements for Norwegian songwriter Amalie Olsen's "Ikke gråt (Don't Cry - September 2011), "Under Stjernene" (Under the Stars - December 2014) and "Mer enn tusen ord" (More Than a Thousand Words - December 2015).
  • Co-arranged background violin parts for "Hymn of Hope" with Sondre Sandrun and Vanja Vatle (Amalie Olsen and Vanja Vatle, songwriters:  August 2020 with Hannah Moira Midtbø-Bruner as the session violinist).
  • Established chord arrangements to numerous fiddle tunes since 1986.
  • Established choral arrangements for children's choirs, womens choirs and adult mixed choirs since 2004.

Album Producer Credits

Album Lead Producer

  • The Cleavers
    • Cleaver's World
    • La Ribambelle & The Cleavers - En Spectacle "Live"
    • Leave it to the Cleavers
  • Osterøy Spel- og Dansarlag
    • Spikjespel
    • Fela Liv

Album Co-Producer

  • Parkland Fiddlers
    • By Request
    • Our Favourites

Album Producer

  • Sister Lucille Wolters - Sweet Water Song
  • Leon Malinowski - Anniversary Tribute: Variety Dance Music
  • Cammy Romanuck - My Turn
  • Ambos (Norway) - Our Way

Album Resumé

Trent has been privileged to appear as an accompanist on albums from Canada, the United States and Norway. On these albums, he has performed as a pianist, pump organist, rhythm guitarist, backup vocalist, small instrument percussionist (spoons, cowbell, guiro, feet) and have has roles as assistant producer, co-producer and lead album producer. Trent has worked in various recording sessions with numerous studios and musicians. Many of these albums are Canadian fiddle recordings, but others include children's, gospel, country, and variety albums, along with albums released in the United States and Europe.

The following is the collection of artists and groups he has appeared with as an accompanist since beginning recording sessions in 1990:

Dean Bernier
John Arcand
Gordon Radu
The Cleavers
Leon Malinowski
Ben Beveridge
The Parkland Fiddlers
The Trischuk Brothers
Everett Larson
Sister Lucille Wolters
Freddie & Clinton Pelletier
Don Freed
Jimmie Walker
Cammy Romanuck
Christina Neudorf
Lucas Welsh
Paul Bourgeois
Anndrea Friesen
Katie Hess
The Believers
Carolyn Enns
Victor Rose 

Calvin Vollrath
Gene Michael
Richard Callihoo
Homer Poitras
Gilbert Anderson
Ed Schweigert
Riel Aubichon

Bob Montgomery
Garry Hill
Sydney Wilson

Patti Kusturok-Lamoureux
Mitchell Grobb
Bill Gray and Marina Archibald
Mel Bedard
Emile Lavallee
Garry Lapine
Robert Isfeld
Katie Hannah
Melanie Ostash

Randy Foster
Dennis Harrington
Terri Lynn Mahusky
April Verch
Bruce Wilson
Ira McWilliams
Julie Fitzgerald
Emma March

Bruce Armitage
Danny Perreault
Stephanie Labbe

Northwest Territories
Richard Lafferty

Canadian Charity, Cultural and Fiddle Organizations
Emma Lake Fiddle Camp Fundraising Recordings
Kenosee Lake Kitchen Party Album Series
Gabriel Dumont Institute
Edmonton Metis Cultural Dance Society
Canada Council on the Arts
Canadian Grand Masters Fiddling Championship (with various other Canadian fiddlers)
The Children of Chernobyl
Compliments to Pembroke Hospital Fundraiser

International Appearances
Fred Allery (North Dakota, USA)
The Buckleys (Montana, USA)
Lauren Beaudry (Massachusetts, USA)
Osterøy Spel- og Dansarlag (Osterøy, Norway)
Leif Rygg (Voss, Norway)
Ambos (Silje and Hogne Midtbø Vevle - Valestrand, Norway)
Amalie Olsen (Skien, Norway)

Assistant Clinician

Trent has been an assistant clinician at the following music workshops, conventions and conferences since 1990:

  • Prince Albert Winter Festival Fiddle Workshops - Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
  • Saskatchewan Music Educators Association Convention - North Battleford, Saskatchewan
  • Saskatchewan Fiddlers Association Fiddle Contest Judging Workshops
  • Northeast Music Association Spring Workshop - St. Paul, Alberta
  • The Fiddlin’ Kiddlins Workshop - Vegreville, Alberta
  • Alberta Music Conference - Edmonton, Alberta
  • Prairie Mountain Fiddlers Workshop - Calgary, Alberta
  • Calgary Fiddlers Workshop - Calgary, Alberta
  • The Andy DeJarlis Winter Fiddle Workshop - Victoria, British Columbia
  • The Andy DeJarlis Summer Fiddle Camp - Victoria, British Columbia
  • Calvin Vollrath Fiddle Workshop - Victoria, British Columbia
  • Creston Youth Fiddlers Workshop - Creston, British Columbia
  • Douro Fiddle Contest Workshop - Douro, Ontario
  • Kaustinen Folk Music Festival - Kaustinen, Finland
  • Shetland Islands Fiddle Workshop - Lerwick, Shetland Islands, Scotland, United Kingdom

Broadcasting Experience

Trent has been a guest host on the fiddle radio shows such as "Fiddlin' 30" with Ivan Hicks on CFQM-FM Moncton, New Brunswick (October 1992), "Strings and Things" with Fred Buckley on KEMC-FM Billings, Montana (1995-2000), and on "Country Crossroads" with Keitha Clark on CFCR-FM Saskatoon (1997-98).

He has served as the volunteer lead host and producer of a weekly one hour radio show called "Fiddle Time", produced through the Saskatchewan Fiddlers Association on Saskatchewan community radio station CHXL-FM Okanese with co-hosts Diane Romanuck, Wally Romanuck, Antoinette Proksoch, Shelley Woloshyn, Paul Lappin, Adam Waldner, Lucas Welsh, and Dale Amyotte from February 2002 to November 2004.

Composing Credits

Trent has composed 77 original piano solos and 365 original fiddle tunes on his own to date. His original piano solos to date are available for sale in sheet music format as listed:

  • Heaven's Promise
  • April's Tune
  • Amour
  • A Daughter's Joy
  • With Love to Hannah Moira
  • Ode to Grandma
  • Prayertime Lullaby
  • I Wanna Be Here With You
  • Islas Canarias
  • Reinhard's Waltz
  • Lillies of the Field
  • My Comfort for You
  • When Two Become One
  • Liv and Ulf's Wedding Waltz
  • Magnar's Birthday Surprise
  • This Day, To You I Wed
  • The Christmas Bells of Bergen
  • Pølse Knut'n (Up and Down the Hills)
  • Ingrid Sofie's Welcome
  • Follow His Calling
  • Linn Tiril
  • Peace be With You
  • My Fiddle Grandpa
  • The Shepherd of The Flock
  • Your Hand in Mine
  • My Garden of Love
  • Swingin' Kjell Hannisdal
  • The Prophetic Word
  • Heirlooms of the Heart
  • Making a Way
  • A Higher Calling
  • After the Sunrise
  • Donny
  • Friends of Unneland
  • Howard and Gerda's Anniversary Waltz
  • Jubal's Song
  • One Step Forward
  • Remember the Dream
  • The Joy of Mercy
  • The Walk of Faith
  • Do You Know Him?
  • It's All in His Hands
  • Do Unto The Least of These
  • Let the Little Children Come to Me
  • The Steadfast Man
  • Song of Songs
  • Bouquet of Flowers
  • Red and White Rag
  • McNamara's Piano
  • The Gift of Peace
  • Merry Christmas Tonight
  • The Gift of Hope
  • I Will Come Forth as Gold
  • The Messiah is Coming
  • The Holy Celebration
  • The New Heaven and the New Earth
  • Let the People Sing Amen
  • Now We Are Married
  • Mischief
  • Simone
  • Jill's Waltz
  • Broken Dreams
  • Cheesecake Cafe
  • Lori's Theme
  • Paulina
  • Ballerina
  • The Wedding Day
  • Golli
  • A Ransom for Many
  • Jitterbug Jitters
  • And A Little Child Shall Lead Them
  • Prayers for Little Henry 
  • The Man of God (Guds mann)
  • The King of Minde (Mindekongen)
  • In Quietness and Trust
  • The Transfiguration
  • God's Fruit of the Womb

Some of his original fiddle tunes have been recorded on the fiddle albums Cleaver's World (The Cleavers, 1994), Serves Me Right (Ben Beveridge, 1994) Hitting the Notes (Samantha Robichaud, Riverview, New Brunswick, 1997), and Syv fjell (The Seven Mountains - Ambos, Valestrand, Norway, 2011).

He has also co-written additional fiddle tunes with Rodney Krip, Tyler Kushneryk, Dean Bernier, John Arcand, April Verch, Stephanie Cadman, Louis Schryer, Taylor Buckley, Nancy Padilla, and Calvin Vollrath. The following tunes have been recorded as follows:

  • Shared compositions with Calvin Vollrath: "Le Dionne Dontôn", recorded on Instrumentally Yours - Something Different, and "Winner in Wintapeg" on Tamarackr' Down, and the 1996, 1997, and 1998 Canadian Grand Masters Finals Cassettes.
  • Shared composition with Calvin Vollrath and John Arcand, "JCT 2 Step" on the 1993 cassette Too Close for Comfort.
  • Shared compositions with Dean Bernier (Bizzare Leon), and with Rodney Krip and Tyler Kushneryk (Le Grand Fromage, The First Waltz, Cut and Paste, KBK Schottische, Cleaver's Clog, Tydneyent Jig, A Reel for Chanda, Roger Trottier's Reel, Wildcat Polka, New Years Two Step) recorded as part of Cleaver's World, "Searching", and "White Star" as a part of Leave It to The Cleavers, and the Canadian Grand Masters Finals Cassettes from 1997 to 2001.
  • Shared composition with 1997 Canadian Grand Masters Champion April Verch, "Waiting for Home", recorded on the 1997 Canadian Grand Masters Finals Cassette, and her 1998 album, Fiddleicious.
  • Shared composition with Nancy Padilla, "Jackpine", recorded by her Montana bluegrass group "Deep River" on their 1997 CD release The Cottonwood.


From charity functions to fiddle contests and small concerts to the international stage, Trent Bruner has performed as a soloist, chorister, choir conductor and accompanist since age 12. He has shared the stage with many performing acts in locations throughout Saskatchewan, Canada, the United States, Ireland, Spain, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland, England and Scotland.

Listed below are the locations and media outlets where Trent has performed and been aired over the world with various performers:

Canadian Media Performance Apperances

  • Country 900 CKBI Radio, Prince Albert, Sask.
  • CKBI & CIPA Television Prince Albert, Sask.
  • Shaw Cable Prince Albert and Saskatoon, Sask.
  • CJVR Radio Melfort, Sask.
  • CJWW Radio Saskatoon, Sask.
  • CFQC Television Saskatoon, Sask.
  • Global Television Saskatoon, Sask.
  • CFCR-FM Saskatoon, Sask.
  • CJOH Television Ottawa, Ontario
  • CBC Radio One - Saskatchewan
  • CBC Radio One - Canada
  • CBC Television - Canada

International Media Performance Appearences

  • Appeared on television with The Buckley Family on ABC's "Good Morning America" from Bigfork, Montana on Tuesday, November 14, 1995.
  • Spain's Television España, Ingenio Channel 10, and Antena Sureste Radio with The Cleavers and La Ribambelle during the Ingenio International Festival of Folklore in July and August 1998.
  • BBC Radio Shetland with Calvin Vollrath in July 2001 and October 2006.
  • BBC Radio Scotland's "Take the Floor" with Calvin Vollrath in October 2001 in Aberdeen, Scotland.
  • Radio Sweden - Falun International Folk Music Festival with Calvin Vollrath - July 2001

School Demonstrations

  • Saskatchewan Fiddlers Association School Demonstration Project in Leask, Saskatchewan

Song Writing

Trent has co-written one gospel song with Jeanne Buckley of Roundup, Montana ("Glory's Crown" - March 1997), and one song in the French Canadian folk tradition with Pauline and Marielle Gauthier of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan ("Monsieur le curè a tout dit": February-April 1999, which was recorded on La Ribambelle & The Cleavers - en spectacle "live"). On his own, he has composed one Christmas song titled "Christmas is Here", 45 country gospel songs, one childrens' gospel song and four country songs, with two of these country songs marking the 100th anniversary of the R.M. of Canwood #494 (Saskatchewan) and the Village of Canwood, Saskatchewan; "100 Years of Memories" and "Svendsen's General Store."

Choral Conductor and Arranger

Since 2011, Trent has also served as a choir conductor, piano accompanist and a choral music arranger for various amateur choirs in the Bergen area. These groups include:

  • Unnelandskoret (The Unneland Community Choir - Unneland, Norway)
  • Bjørgvin vokal (The Bjørgvin Mixed Choir - Bergen, Norway)
  • Vegkantoriet (The Norwegian Highway Department Employee Choir - Bergen, Norway)
  • Haus barnegospel (A children's church choir affiliated with Haus Lutheran Church, Osterøy, Norway)
  • Osterøy gospelkor (A teenage gospel choir affiliated with the Osterøy Lutheran Parish, Norway)
  • Arne Sangforening (The Arne and District Mixed Chorus - Ytre Arna, Norway)
  • Damekoret Toneveld (A local women's choir based in Bergen, Norway)
  • Sounds Like Us (A young adult choir based in Bergen, Norway)
  • Tysnes kammerkor (An adult chamber choir based in Tysnes, Norway)
  • Os kammerkor (An adult chamber choir based in Os, Norway)
  • Alvidt-Manger blandakor (An adult choir based in Knarvik, Norway)

Teaching Positions

Trent has taught piano, voice and beginner guitar as a private music teacher since 1992, and as a substitute piano teacher for the Osterøy Culture School since January 2006 and the Bergen Culture School since April 2012. He also held a temporary position teaching piano and ear training in the Fine Arts program at Bergen's Langhaugen High School (Langhaugen videregående skole) during the 2013-2014 school year. During 2015-2016, he held a one year temporary position as a piano teacher for the Bergen Culture School, and held another temporary position shortly afterwards with the same school. Trent has taught piano or guitar accompaniment at the following fiddle camps and workshops since 1990:

  • SCES Fiddle Camp (Emma Lake and Arlington Beach, Saskatchewan)
  • Tuffnell Fiddle Camp (Tuffnell, Saskatchewan)
  • Kenosee Lake Kitchen Party (Kenosee Lake, Saskatchewan)
  • John Arcand Fiddle Fest (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)
  • Northern Lights Bluegrass and Old Time Music Camp (Ness Creek, Saskatchewan)
  • The Fiddlin' Kiddlins Spring Fiddle and Piano Workshop (Vegreville, Alberta)
  • Northeast Music Association Spring Workshop (St. Paul, Alberta)
  • The Cats and the Fiddles Fall Workshop (Pine Lake, Alberta)
  • Calvin Vollrath Fiddle Camp (St. Edouard, Alberta)
  • Pacific Fiddle College (Hope, British Columbia)
  • The Andy DeJarlis Winter Fiddle Workshop (Victoria, British Columbia)
  • By-The-Canal Fiddle Camp (Ottawa, Ontario)
  • Maritime Fiddle Contest Committee Fall Accompanying Workshop (Salisbury, New Brunswick)
  • Fiddles of the World (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
  • Montana Fiddle Camp (Elliston and Monarch, Montana, USA)
  • North Atlantic Fiddle, Guitar and Piano Workshop (Gjerstad, Osterøy, Norway)