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Hello everyone!  My 2013 Ontario fiddle trip was again a wonderful time of fiddle music and recording, along with receiving other music work from Norway while I was on tour. Here's the latest.

Across the Ottawa River in the district of Quyon, Quebec, I had the honour of playing piano parts for a recording session with local fiddler Bruce Armitage and recording the album with engineer and well known fiddler Calvin Vollrath. Bruce will have his fourth fiddle album released in the coming weeks along with a music book of all the tunes that were recorded. This album will a collection of Bruce’s original fiddle compositions that are a delight to play and dance to. More information will come out on this release in the coming weeks.

After that was done, it was off to Pembroke, Ontario for their 2013 Fiddle and Stepdance Contest. Well over 220 contestants competed in this event between fiddle and stepdance competitions. John Mitchell of Ottawa, Ontario and Yours truly were the two house accompanists who worked at Canada’s largest fiddle contest. Brian Hebert, Louis Schryer and Calvin Vollrath were the fiddle contest judges, while Chad Wolfe, Tiffany Fewster and Jeremy Luxton were the stepdance judges.

For those who have never been to Pembroke, a fiddle park is located at Riverside Park, a City of Pembroke park that includes softball diamonds and soccer pitches, along with camping facilities. Many campers bring their tents and mobile homes to Pembroke and invite many fiddlers, accompanists and stepdancers to share their talents with fellow campers and the public alike. Many wonderful jam sessions have taken place over the years there before I started attending the contest as accompanist for Calvin Vollrath in 1992 when he was the guest artist. We have made many friends over the years since and enjoy returning for the commradery and fellowship of fiddlers throughout Canada and the United States who attend this annual event.

But I also received a call before I returned to Norway that would keep me busy after I landed there on September 3rd. I was offered a music teaching position by Langhaugen Secondary High School in Bergen for one year period to teach ear training to Grade 13 students and teach applied harmony and piano as a minor instrument to Grade 11 and Grade 12 students. In addition to conducting local choirs in the evenings, I will be busy again, but thankful to make a positive difference in the lives of many people.

My next article will be from my trip to Dublin, Ireland with the Unneland Community Choir that will have taken place September 20th-22nd. Check back next time and I’ll see you somewhere down the musical trail!!

Musically Yours, Trent