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a_parking_spot_or_a_personal_toilet_2.jpgHello everyone! When I was playing at the 19th annual John Arcand Fiddle Fest outside Saskatoon, Saskatchewan from August 11th-14th, I was given my own personal parking spot by the organizers so I could be close to the stage to load and unload my instruments. But what I did not expect was that I would be close to the portable toilets as well. On my own Facebook page, I asked the question to everyone who read my post; a personal parking spot? Or a personal toilet? The answers I got were certainly varied and humerous!

Since my last article, I have been able to complete some other music work as well perform with others back home in Canada. Here is the latest music news.

I was able to complete notation on all my piano compositions and am nearly ready to have all of them released for sale. The latest piano compositions that are now available are:

  • Golli
  • A Ransom for Many
  • Jitterbug Jitters

I have also notated the melody lines on two country songs I composed last month and are also available for sale through this website:

  • Svendsen’s General Store

  • 100 Years of Memories

I performed these songs during the 100th anniversary of the Village of Canwood and the R.M. of Canwood #494 from July 29th – 31st. This special celebration weekend drew over 2,000 attendees, which included a historical presentation, parade, heritage performance that celebrated the various cultures of the local residents, family cabaret, a community church service, talent show, beach volleyball tournament, Legion pub, dedication of a new local memorial, and fireworks display along with family reunions. Our daughters, Hannah Moira and Ingrid Sofie, shared “music of the old country” twice during the weekend with residents and visitors enjoying the girls’ hardanger fiddle music.

I was able to perform twice for the Monday Night Fiddle night at the Northern Lights Casino in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan as well with The Cleavers (Rodney Krip, Tyler Kushneryk and Yours truly) as we remembered many fiddle tunes of the past, and with 2013 Canadian Grand Masters Fiddling Champion James Steele of Saskatoon, who in turn brought Saskatoon guitarist and vocalist Don Sawchuk for a wonderful performance of fiddle, piano and the occasional song.

The 19th annual John Arcand Fiddle Fest took place from August 11th-14th at Windy Acres, southwest of Saskatoon. In addition to my own Thursday afternoon performance during daytime entertainment, I was one of two house accompanists for the weekend, with Desiree Steele of Saskatoon as the other piano accompanist. 42 fiddlers entered the contest, with various entertainers sharing their talents in workshop, show and dance as well. The showcase that was a highlight for me to perform for was the Saturday night show with John Arcand and Calvin Vollrath (fiddles), Clinton Pelletier (guitar) and Yours truly on piano. It was a delight to take a two hour trip down memory lane as John and Calvin shared the fiddle tunes that they composed together through the years. The musical focus of this show was on their shared compositions from the Emma Lake Fiddle Camp and their shared musical travels. The audience gave two well deserved standing ovations for their efforts. The 2016 program of events can be found at

Between performances, family holidays and practicing, I also notated the music for two new music books for champion fiddler Patti Kusturok in support of her earlier album releases “I’m Not Done Yet” and “Y2 Kusturok.” Further inquiries on these releases can be sent via

My next article will come from the annual Pembroke Fiddle and Step Dance Contest, which will take place September 2nd-3rd on the North American Labour Day weekend. I will be sharing house accompaniment duties with Guylaine Gagner once again as we support Canada’s largest fiddle and step dance contest. Contest details can be found at Until next time, see you somewhere down the musical trail!

Musically yours, Trent