Trent Bruner

God jul! Joyeux Noël! Merry Christmas everyone!

We trust and hope that everyone in your family is having a holiday season of rest, good food, visits, wishes fulfilled and a time of reflection on why the holidays hold such dear meanings to many. Here is a news update for Facebook and after a busy fall and Christmas season.

My choir season with the Bergen Women’s Choir Damekoret Toneveld and the Tysnes Chamber Choir has been occupied with preparation for Christmas concerts and spring concerts with both groups. Damekoret Toneveld will celebrate their 70th anniversary season concert in Bergen on Sunday, March 26th 2017, with an anniversary program that will cover some of the songs and styles the choir has sung since their first season in 1946-47. As a conductor and composer, I was delighted when the ladies were able to sing an arrangement of a Christmas song I composed last year called “Christmas is Here” on December 4, 2016 at St. Markus Lutheran Church in Bergen. This choir arrangement for four voice women’s choir (SSAA) will soon be available for sale on this website.

Tysnes has a series of two concert performances of Songs from Western Norway that will take place this coming March and April, with my daughter Hannah Moira performing as a guest with the choir for the early spring performances. Tysnes’ 2016-2017 season will conclude with a performance Tuesday, May 30th at Onarheim Lutheran Church in the Tysnes area.

Regarding notation work, I completed the first drafts of sheet music for fiddle books from earlier album releases by past Canadian Grand Masters Fiddle Champion Patti Kusturok. No release dates have been announced, but more information will come later from Patti on the release of these books. I have also been notating a collection of songs submitted by country singer Jaye D Marie of Calgary, Alberta for eventual book publication. Some songs are originals while others are arrangements of past country and country gospel songs that she has recorded on earlier releases. Work continues on both projects.
When I have not been playing or conducting, I continue to work on the accompaniment program for Norwegian instrumental folk music I started last year with the Bergen Culture School and have been composing a number of country gospel songs since the fall that have been an extension of my church work. More information on these projects will be announced in the coming months.

In closing, on behalf of my wife Hilde and our entire family: Silje, Hogne, Hannah Moira and Ingrid Sofie, we trust that wherever you are in the world, that you have had or will have a happy holiday season and all the best in 2016. Until next time, see you somewhere down the musical trail!

Musically yours, Trent