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Teaching and Learning Materials
Joys of Fiddle Music #1
Joys of Fiddle Music #2
Chord Chart Collection 1
Chord Chart Collection 2

The Joys of Fiddle Music Volume #1An excerpt from
"The Joys of Fiddle Music"...
Purpose of this Series:

"This series of Book and CD sets is designed to aid the beginning fiddle player accompanist in their development on Guitar and / or piano, as well as give the fiddler a practice tool if they have no access to regular accompaniment in their local area."





Purpose of This Series
Background on Contributors
Special Thanks
  • Tips and Aids for Accompanists - Page 1
    • Basic Instrumental Technique for Guitar and Pian
  • Tempo Tips
    • Musical Form-The Structure of Fiddle Music
    • Basics in Accompanying Fiddlers
    • Practice Tips for Accompanists
    • Learning to Chord a New Tune by Ear and by Note
    • Helping Fiddlers Tune the Fiddle
    • Accompanists' Preparation for Concerts, Contests, Dances and Jambourees
    • Playing Accompaniment for Square Dancers, Stepdancers, Red River Jiggers, Contra Dancers and Folk Dance Troupes

  • Tunes With No More Than Two Chords in Notated Form
    • Don Messer's Breakdown (C) - Page 30
    • The Rakes of Kildare (Am) - Page 32
    • Westphalia Waltz (G) - Page 35
    • Put Your Little Foot (G) - Page 40
    • Heel and Toe Polka (G) - Page 42
    • Swallowtail Jig (Em) - Page 44
    • Bonaparte's Retreat (D) - Page 46
    • Jonah's First Change (D) - Page 50
    • On the Road to Boston (D) - Page 52
    • Woodchopper's Breakdown (D) - Page 54
    • Soldier's Joy (D) - Page 56
    • Chicken Reel (D) - Page 58
    • High-Lo Schottische (D/A) - Page 60
    • Long/Flop Eared Mule (D/A) - Page 62
    • Spanish Two Step (A) - Page 64
    • Clarinet Polka (G/D/C) - Page 68
  • Guitar Accompanying Appendix
  • Piano Accompanying Appendix

Assisted by: Jeanne Buckley, Fiddle and Fred Buckley, Guitar