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Teaching and Learning Materials
Joys of Fiddle Music #1
Joys of Fiddle Music #2
Chord Chart Collection 1
Chord Chart Collection 2

The Joys of Fiddle Music Volume #2An excerpt from
"The Joys of Fiddle Music"...
Purpose of this Series:

"This series of Book and CD sets is designed to aid the beginning fiddle player accompanist in their development on Guitar and / or piano, as well as give the fiddler a practice tool if they have no access to regular accompaniment in their local area." 


Purpose of This Series
Background on Contributors
Special Thanks

  • Tips and Aids for Accompanists - Part Two
    • Note Taking for Accompanists
    • Blank Accompanist Form Templates
    • Tuning the Guitar to the Piano
  • Music Theory Applied With Applicable Fiddle Tunes (found on CD 2B)
    • The i-iv-V7 Chord Progression
      • Bandura Waltz (Am)
    • The Diminished & Diminished 7th Chord
      • Rock Valley Jig (C)
    • The Supertonic Minor Progression (I-ii-V7)
      • Catfish Jig (G)
    • The Relative Minor Chord Progression (
      • Temperance Reel (G)
      • The Flat Seventh Chord (bVII)
      • Louis Riel Reel (Em)
      • Paddy on the Turnpike (G)
      • The Trip to Doryman (Am)
      • The Southwest Bridge (Gm)

  • Standard Fiddle Tunes With No More Than Three Chord Changes
  • The Standard Three Chord Progression (I-IV-V7)
    • Black Velvet Waltz (C)
    • Maple Leaf Two Step (C)
    • Life in the Finland Woods (G/G/C)
    • Irish Washerwoman (G)
    • Turkey in the Straw (G)
    • Ragtime Annie (D/D/G)
    • Faded Love (D)
    • Liberty Two Step (D)
    • St. Anne's Reel (D)
    • Arkansas Traveller (D)
    • Fisher's Hornpipe (D)
    • Snow Deer (D)
    • Jole Blon (A)
    • Rubber Dolly (A)
    • Boil the Cabbage Down (A)
    • Devil's Dream (A)
  • Guitar Accompanying Appendix
  • Piano Accompanying Appendix

Assisted by Jeanne Buckley (Fiddle), Cammy Romanuck (Fiddle), Fred Buckley (Guitar) and Lucas Welsh (Guitar).