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Teaching and Learning Materials
Joys of Fiddle Music #1
Joys of Fiddle Music #2
Chord Chart Collection 1
Chord Chart Collection 2

The Fiddle Accompanist's Chord Chart Collection Book 2An excerpt from
"The Fiddle Accompanist's Chord Chart"...
Purpose of this Series:

"This collection of chord charts and accompanying recording is from requests of fiddle and accompanying students at various fiddle camps throughout Canada and the United States who desire to be more comfortable in accompanying long established fiddle tunes, whether they be traditional in origin or composed by fiddlers of yesterday." 


  • KEY OF C
    • Cross Country Waltz
    • Rocking Chair Jig
    • Pointe-au-Pic Reel
    • Alabama Jubilee
  • KEY OF G
    • Interlake Waltz
    • Donegal Jig
    • Walker Street Reel
    • Golden Slippers
  • KEY OF D
    • Reginald's Waltz
    • Muckin' at Jordie's Byre (Jig)
    • Soldier's Joy
    • Snow Deer
  • KEY OF A
    • Waltzing Through the Leaves
    • The Blackthorn Stick
    • Mason's Apron
    • Centennial Two Step
  • KEY OF Am
    • Bandura Waltz
    • Geese in the Bog
    • Pride of the Ball
    • Who Stole The Kishka?
  • KEY OF F
    • Frisco Waltz
    • Sir Mackenzie Bowell Jig
    • Blind Man's Reel
    • Jean Snider's Fox Trot
  • KEY OF Bb
    • Centennial Waltz
    • Marg's Jig
    • Clear the Track
    • Jolly Dolly Polka

Assisted by Calvin Vollrath (Fiddle).