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Hello from Haugesund, Norway! It has been a while since I have been able to give an update, but when I do find the time, it usually means I’m on tour, regardless if it is a short trip or long trip, and this weekend, it is a short one. This news update will focus on my choir appearances as a piano accompanist and as a choir conductor during the 2018-2019 season for Facebook and

I am here in Haugesund conducting the Tysnes Chamber Choir (Tysnes kammerkor) for a choral music weekend organized by a Haugesund women’s choir who call themselves “The Mother’s Choir” (“Kor e mor” in Norwegian), in cooperation with the Haugesund Chapter of the Norwegian Choral Federation (Norges korforbund). Tysnes is one of 17 choirs entertaining this weekend, with over 400 singers amongst these choirs plus conductors and accompanists. Tysnes will sing a set of sacred songs for their church appearance at Var Frelsers kirke (Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church) Saturday morning at 11:00 AM CEDT and a set of three songs for their secular performance at 2:00 PM CEDT at the Scandic Maritim Hotel in downtown Haugesund.

With Tysnes’ choral season concluding this weekend, it has been a positive season with varying repertoire from Norway, England and Canada providing a mix of songs that has been both challenging and rewarding to learn and sing. During 2018-2019, the Tysnes Chamber Choir gained three new sopranos, two new altos, and one new tenor, bring the total number of singers to 28. This season, the group has made three appearances during the fall and will have performed four times during the spring. Songs for the choir’s 2019-2020 season have already been selected and my copies of music have been given in hand to learn and prepare. I have also done occasional substitute conducting for the Alvidt-Manger District Choir in support of regular conductor Tone Lise Moberg throughout this season as well.

My accompaniment schedule for choirs has been busy as well with eleven appearances for three choirs in the Bergen area during 2018-2019; the Bergen women’s choir “Damekoret Toneveld,” the Unneland Community Choir (Unnelandskoret) and the Alvidt-Manger District Choir. Concerts and fundrasiers during fall, Christmas, and spring are a regular occurrence to fundraise for annual operating expenses, entertain with other choirs and music groups to promote cultural activity in various forms, and I delight in being able to be included in these efforts to promote and preserve these traditions, especially since choir was a part of my personal musical development in my teen years and beyond. I have learned more about expressions of Christian faith as well as music of various cultures and genres as I have been allowed to be an active participant in this musical form on both sides of the Atlantic, and I will be forever thankful for those who have graciously done this for me.

More information on other music activities will come in the next article, which will give some background on my church music work in the past while and an announcement of a future fiddle publication (or two?) once plans are in place. Until next time, see you somewhere down the musical trail!

Musically Yours, Trent