Trent Bruner


Bonne fête du Canada! Happy Canada Day to all Canadians around the world! My way of celebrating this special day over the past few years has been three fold. First, when our family is in Norway at home, I make "Canadian Breakfast:" Scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, shredded hashbrowns, a fruit plate, and sometimes pancakes with our youngest daughter Ingrid Sofie, depending on the day. Secondly, I play "O Canada" on the piano at 12:00 Noon Norway time. My third thing is to release some new music for sale; usually in print form. Again, this year, due to the Corona virus, I was able to finish two additional new books of 60 new original fiddle tunes each!













These books are called "All of Mine-Volume 4" and "All of Mine-Volume 5!" They are available in PDF via from July 1, 2021 and will have been available in hard copy since July 30, 2021! As of this article/announcement, we can't get out as often because of the Corona virus. However, I can help with a print alternative for those looking to expand their fiddle repertoire via the internet! Stay safe and please spread the word to those who may be interested. These additional collections of tunes are inspired from family, neighbours from years ago, friends and locations from Saskatchewan, Canada, the United States and Norway, and some tunes that give a brief social comment on the themes of the day. In addition, in Volume 5, I composed a set of tunes to honour past and present Saskatchewan fiddle clubs and groups who helped maintain and provide a place for fiddlers to play together throughout my home province. These tunes, along the other tunes I've written, tell stories of family, friends, home, travels and events, which have been many. To paraphrase my Norwegian songwriting friend Amalie Olsen, "People connect to music more quickly and personally when they know the story behind it."

Also, for all Canadians at home and abroad, let us take time to remember those who have suffered and lost their lives because of the Canadian residential school system. Following the news of what has happened at home has been disturbing for me, even from an ocean away. I have attended grade school and university with many of them in Saskatchewan over the years, become friends with many in these communities, and have gone on to co-teach, compose, record and perform music with some of them in various locations throughout Canada and the United States. In all of my own fiddle music books released to date, I have co-written fiddle tunes and have composed fiddle tunes for those in the Aboriginal communities either in memory or in honour of them, their locations and their history. Let us all make time to learn the truth, heal every broken relationship, stop revenge and malice where and when it happens, and do what is needed to heal our country and give dignity and respect to all. Have a good summer, a safe celebration and a make a quiet moment of reflection for our country back home today.