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Hello everyone! 

This edition is a shorter article than usual at this time of the year for Facebook and on account of the corona pandemic, but here is the latest news from us.

Since the last article in July when I released the new fiddle books “All of Mine – Volumes 4 and 5,” it has been quiet for playing because of COVID-19. This summer has been mostly being with family in Norway with the occasional church service mixed in. Our daughters, Hannah Moira and Ingrid Sofie, played with the Bergen Junior Fiddlers at Førde’s International Folk Music Festival July 9-11 and were part of a summer orchestra camp on the Island of Halsnøy, a three hour drive south of Valestrand, from August 1-8.

When I’ve not had any playing, the yard has been cleaned up at our house, and as moments have come up, I have been working on a Canadian fiddle history project under the oversight of the Canadian Grand Masters Fiddling Association, Canada’s national fiddle organization. One long range plan with this history project is to lay the foundation for a future Canadian Fiddlers Hall of Honour, which the CGM Board of Directors have had in their plans since the early 1990s. I have learned much about the history of Canadian fiddling during this project and the people who create it, play it, preserve it and teach it to others. For that, I’m humbled to write down and help present a part of Canadian music history with this project, and will always be thankful that anyone internationally can see examples of the background of Canada’s most portable instrument from settlement to present: The fiddle.

When this phase of the project is complete, there will be a collection of at least 38 articles, both in English and French, for the organization itself, its 18 national champions and 21 Lifetime Achievement Award winners (with two holding both distinctions). When this research is complete, the plan is to post these articles at and Wikipedia. A formal announcement will be made on the article postings once this work is finished.

As school begins in Norway next week for my wife and our daughters (teacher and students), the two choirs I conduct outside of Bergen will begin their 2021-22 seasons. The Tysnes Chamber Choir (Tysnes kammerkor) and the Alvidt-Manger Singers (Songlaget Alvidt-Manger) have their fall schedules in place. My fall performance calendar for 2021 is posted on and my artist page on Facebook for those in Western Norway who can attend. Music activities will start again for our kids as well in folk and classical music as well. After my holidays are finished as an organist with the Norwegian Lutheran Church, I will have confirmation services to play in late August and early September due to rescheduling from spring 2021 because of the corona situation. This is how 2021 works for us this year.

In closing, stay safe during this corona pandemic, and until next time, see you somewhere down the musical trail!

Musically Yours, Trent