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Hi, everyone!

Since my last article on August 13, 2021, life went back to closer to normal for us, but at the same time, it has gone back to the way it was for most of 2020 and the majority of 2021 in Norway. I’m sure this story is the same for many others as well. But regardless, this updated summary is again posted for my Facebook artist page and

During this fall, I was thankful to get all of my choir practices in as both a conductor with the Tysnes Chamber Choir and the Alvidt-Manger Singers. I had two performances with the Alvidt-Manger group, which were their fall fundraising concert November 6th, and a special invitation two days earlier from my fellow Lutheran Church cantor, Ivar Mæland, for Alvidt-Manger to sing for a concert in Haus Lutheran Church where Ivar was able to secure a baby grand piano in the church for the first time for a concert. This performance included two original piano solos from me (The Man of God, God’s Fruit of the Womb), the Alvidt-Manger Singers, the 50 voice Osterøy Community Choir, conducted by Jon Flydal Blichfeldt, as well as Mr. Blichfeldt performing Rachmaninoff’s “Vocalise for Cello,” with Ivar Mæland accompanying on piano for both Jon’s solo and the Osterøy choir. Asbjørn Sniltveit, cantor from Birkeland Lutheran Church in Bergen, performed two organ pieces, then paired with Ivar for Bach’s Double Piano Concerto in C Major in three movements, which was warmly received by all. After this concert, it was decided by the Haus congregation that they wished to proceed with fundraising for this piano to be purchased. In Canadian dollars, it will cost over $72,000.00 (NOK 500 000,-) to purchase and place this Yamaha piano in the church. Plans are underway to start collecting money for this purchase. Bergen Pianoforettning, a local piano shop, ensured the baby grand piano was in place for this special musical evening.

As for the Tysnes Chamber Choir, they were able to perform two fall concerts September 25-26, just after lockdown restrictions in Norway were lifted. Audiences were small, but were enthusiastic to see live music from the stage again. The program of songs from Northern Norway was finally presented after a delay from late May 2021 due to corona. In early November, the Tysnes choir performed a selection of these songs for a fundraising evening for the Os Chamber Choir (Ann Elisabeth Tveit, conductor), along with Os Vocalis, a local women’s choir. In December, Tysnes had planned two Christmas concerts, but were only able to perform once in a larger church venue due to tightened corona restrictions from December 9th and December 15th…again. These were the choral concerts I had as a conductor.

As a piano accompanist, I accompanied the Unneland Community Choir under the conductorship of Marius Dale Romslo for an Irish pub night November 22nd, with a full house of song and good cheer in their local culture house. On December 5th, I accompanied the Bergen women’s choir, Damekoret Toneveld (Carina Bless, conductor) for their portion of a local choral association concert in Bergen’s St. Markus Lutheran Church. 

I have continued to compose new fiddle tunes as the opportunities arise, building a repertoire for future books. I’ve also remained busy with my regular duties as an organist with the Norwegian Lutheran Church on the Island of Osterøy. Work is nearing completion on the Canadian Grand Masters Fiddle History Project, as the 38 articles are almost finished in English. French translations will take place in 2022 and these articles will be posted on the CGM website as well as Wikipedia. More information will come later on this project.

As for Hannah Moira, she continues her grade school education at Langhaugen High School in Bergen. This past fall, she was selected and accepted for two Norwegian national performance projects. The first is a talent development program through the Norwegian Conservatory of Music in Oslo, with various weekend workshops offered on performance techniques and other musical topics. The second is through FolkOrg, Norway’s national traditional folk music organization, which had selected Hannah Moira directly to participate in the Norwegian “Gammaldans” Band Project. This is where she has four weekend workshops through the year and performance opportunities that will be announced later in 2022.

With our youngest daughter, Ingrid Sofie, at the Norwegian Western Regional Folk Music Competition October 8-9, she not only did well with her solo classes, she was selected for the Moxnes Memorial Prize, which is a cash award worth $2,500.00 CDN in 2021, and a personalized framed certificate for the house. The money will be used to invest in a new hardanger fiddle for her in the coming years, which will cost over $15,000.00 CDN, as these instruments are hand made only by specialized craftsmen. We look forward to her continuing development as a musician in the future.

Both our daughters have continued with the Bergen Junior Fiddlers and are playing classical violin with the Western Norwegian Youth Orchestra. When I’m busy with other music work, my wife, Hilde, is faithful to be there for the times our kids need a parent around. She is the true unsung hero of our home, for whom we are all truly thankful!

To conclude, please remember that there are many items for sale in sheet music for piano, music books and CDs for fiddle accompaniment, PDF and hard copy editions of my own fiddle and gospel music, plus the music of Rodney, Tyler and Yours truly, The Cleavers, as well as Silje and Hogne’s CD *”Our Way”. Every musician depends on you, the public, for your continued support so we can keep doing what we do. With corona restrictions all over the world, we are the first to be shut down and the last ones to be allowed back into business, so please check the webshop for the choices of musical selections for Christmas, birthdays or any other occasion. We all thank you in advance for your support. Until next time, Merry Christmas to all and we’ll see you somewhere down the musical trail! 

Musically yours, Trent