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Hi, everyone!

Since my last article December 21, 2021, life has been almost normal for us since corona restrictions were lightened in Norway during February 2022. I trust that this story is the same for you and others as well where you are. Some of my composing projects have been put on hold in the past few months while other projects have taken priority. Family musical success has also been a major part of being a supportive father as best as possible in this time period. This article will be divided into two sections over the next two postings: Trent’s music work and family music accomplishments so far in 2022. This updated summary is posted for my Facebook artist page and 


In regards to my church organist duties, work has continued as normal with support for various Sunday services, baptisms, weddings and funerals. I will get my church holiday period from August 1st-September 5, 2022, which will be a time of rest and preparation for the upcoming months. Occasional substitute piano teaching for the Bergen Culture School has also happened as well this past spring. Composing has continued to happen when opportunities have presented themselves, but other musical activities of note have happened as well. Here’s an update of these activities.

Since the beginning of January 2022, one Norwegian choir project with the Alvidt-Manger Singers in the Knarvik region, northwest of Bergen, has kept me busy behind the scenes. A local songwriter, Arne Høyland, has received support from a new district arts organization, North Hordland Music Theatre (Nordhordland musikkteater) to have a selection of his original songs on local culture and the environment prepared for performance in September 2023. Under the leadership of Petter Lexander, I was approached to have the Alvidt-Manger Singers participate in these upcoming concerts, notate 28 of Høyland’s original songs and prepare choir and stage band arrangements from a selection of these songs. The 28 songs were notated between February and April, 13 of them have had choir arrangements made over the month of July, and all 28 will have stage band arrangements created, with 20 of these songs being selected for concert performance in 2023. This organization has made me the music notator and musical director for the project, which is an honour and responsibility I did not expect to receive, but thankful and humbled to do the work supporting local artists where I am now living. Their activities will be posted on a new Facebook page as well as a new website,

In addition, the Alver Culture School, a municipal culture school northwest of Bergen, has been in need of substitute piano teachers over the past few months. They contacted me to be an on call substitute piano teacher for two teachers who were sick between April and June, and in May, I accepted a temporary position as a piano teacher on Thursday afternoons for a group of piano students who have had a third piano teacher on extended sick leave since January 2022. These students did not have piano instruction for four months between mid-January and mid-May. I am one of three instructors brought in dividing this teacher’s position, with my temporary term being completed at Christmas. This temporary work is in addition to the choir conducting I have with the Tysnes Chamber Choir and the Alvidt-Manger Singers and my 70% permanent position as an organist with the Norwegian Lutheran Church. At a time when cost of living has been causing grief for the entire planet, I’m thankful for the extra income at this time. 

My work on Phase One of the Canadian Grand Masters Fiddling Association’s History Project is nearly complete. The 38 articles I have researched on the organization, its past champions and Lifetime Achievement Award winners have taught me much about Canadian fiddling and the era before and during time I became involved as an accompanist on piano and guitar. Part of this work has been posted (and will eventually have all work posted) at the new website for the Canadian Grand Masters: under various sections of the website. A new part of this website is the newly created Canadian Fiddle Hall of Honour, which is a merging of the Lifetime Achievement Award (for individual accomplishments by various fiddlers), the Award of Merit (to honour the builders of Canadian fiddling) and the newly created Canadian Fiddle Legends Category (to honour other Canadian fiddlers who have gone before us). The 2022 inductees will be announced at the 2022 Canadian Grand Masters Fiddling Competition in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Thanks to the CGMFA Board of Directors for making this a reality in March 2022, under the leadership of new CGMFA President Mark Sullivan. Contest activities and ticket purchases are available at Speaking of the contest, I will be there as one of the house accompanists for the 24th time in the 32 editions of the competition. I look forward to seeing you in attendance along with the nearly 40 contestants who will compete for the CGM title and other names of note.

Speaking of Mark Sullivan, he asked me to notate a new music book of original fiddle tunes from a new album titled “Promenade Home.” This album is a collection of 15 old time fiddle tunes that represent the tradition Mark grew up in while he was a youngster in Bowmanville, Ontario, east of Toronto. Check for the status of ordering this music book and album. It’s worth a listen and time to learn a new tune or two!

In my next posting, family music accomplishments will take centre stage, and as a delighted father, it will be a privilege to share that posting with you all. Until next time, see you somewhere down the musical trail! 


Musically Yours, Trent