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Welcome to the first edition of "The News from Bruner's Brood!" This will be a news edition that will keep everyone informed as to the latest with me and my music work. I trust that this will help you keep informed as to my musical activities as there have been many newsworthy items of note, so here's a summary of what has been happening.

Firstly, Happy New Year to you and yours wherever you are from me and my family. We hope you had a good holiday season and trust that 2008 will be a great musical year for you as well.

Secondly, we had another addition to our family on Tuesday, September 19th, 2007. My wife Hilde and I became parents for the second time to a baby girl named Ingrid Sofie Midtbø-Bruner. She was 4.1 kg (about 9 lbs) and was 52 cms long (about 21 inches). She becomes a sister for siblings Hannah Moira, Hogne and Silje. She is almost four months old now, talks a lot and enjoys music very much.

Thirdly, I have updated the number of my original piano solos available for sale. Some solos are from years ago while some pieces are new. My newest piano composition is for our baby daughter, titled Ingrid Sofie's Welcome. I will be performing this piece at future music events in the coming months.

Fourthly, for those of you who are not aware, I have been taking a masters degree in ethnomusicology at the University of Bergen in the City of Bergen, Norway. What is ethnomusicology, you may ask? It is the cultural study of music that explains what happens when music and culture meet and how these findings lead us to a deeper understanding of music's place in society and history. What this means is that all musical styles in allmusical genres receive equal academic treatment in their study. What is also pleasing for me in this discipline is that many of the students are performing musicians themselves and also provide music instruction in one form or another, which is positive for all of us.

For my thesis, I am writing about the Scandinavian connections with Canadian fiddle music, with my specific topic being a cultural study on Saskatoon fiddle teacher Everett Larson. As there has been very little work performed in the field of ethnomusiclogy in Saskatchewan, I decided that this would be an excellent field to study further with the long range goal of gaining more exposure for Canadian fiddle music and the people who play, promote, compose, record and teach it from local to international levels.

Fiftly, I am in the midst of planning a music book to be released with my solo album Piano By Request. Should all go well, I hope to have the book released in the coming weeks. Once it is completed and released, I'll let you know here in a future news article.

Sixthly, I have established (with the help of my webmaster) a performing calendar that will be linked to this site shortly. That way you will know where I will be and who I will be performing with over the coming weeks and months.

Do check back often now that we have a place on the web to some news to share with you. Thank you for reading and please sign the guestbook!

Musically yours, Trent