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cassette.pngDo you still have cassette players in your house or vehicle? Do you not have a Cleaver album yet? Are you looking for a bargain on some good fiddle music?

The Cleavers have announced that they have slashed the prices on the cassettes of all three of their albums; Cleaver's World, La Ribabmelle and The Cleavers - en spectacle "live" and Leave it to The Cleavers. EACH CASSETTE IS NOW BEING SOLD FOR $5.00 EACH!! This is tremendous bargain for anyone still using the older audio technology. If you are interested, we have stock available!!

Also of note, Trent Bruner's cassette copies of Piano by Request are now being sold for $5.00 EACH!! Another good buy!!

Thanks again for your kind support.

Musically yours, Trent