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Newsflash:  If there is ever a problem with checking back to this website, fear not!  Here's some other places to find me and some of my musical friends!

For those of you who may be on/or familiar with MySpace, I have links to share with you for two of the groups I'm playing with:  The Cleavers and North Atlantic!  The links are as follows:

The Cleavers:

North Atlantic (Nordatlantisk):

As we learn more about the technology that these pages have to offer us, we'll do our best to make them the best they can be and make sure that they are with the current information found on this website at  Both sites can be found in the menu sections for both groups.  Please make a visit to both pages and let us know what you think!

Musically yours,

Trent, Rodney, Tyler, Olav, Kevin and Annika