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Happy New Year 2011 from Bruner's Brood! Print E-mail

Hello, everyone!  It has been a while since I posted a news article on the website, but 2010 has been an interesting year and 2011 promises to be interesting as well. Here's an update on what has been happening with me since my last article from summer 2010.

In terms of performing from October to December 2010, my Norwegian schedule had me performing with Osterøy Spel- og Dansarlag and appearing as a substiute organist with the Osterøy Lutheran Parish for church services and funerals. In Canada, I got the call to perform with St. Paul, Alberta's Calvin Vollrath in Athabasca, Alberta on Saturday, October 16th and then proceeded to record piano tracks with him for his upcoming CD release party March 11th-13th, 2011, as well as his fiddling neighbour, Riel Aubichon, who also resides in St. Paul, Alberta for an album of his own. I also managed to reocrd six piano solos of my own towards a new piano CD for myself while I was at Calvin's house! More piano solos will be recorded in the coming weeks as opportunities permit, but the overall plan for me is to record a new piano album. This one will contain a partial collection of my original piano solos since my first solo release, Piano by Request. Some solos are requests from public performances while others are brand new. I will let you all know when the new CD will be ready, but if all goes well, the plan is to have it released in the summer of 2011.

I have also been composing some new piano solos in the meantime, and have been trying to get them notated for posting and sale on the website as they are either performed or recorded. I'll have a list of new tunes in the next posting that will update the webshop. I will also be in recording session with John Arcand this coming March for his new album to come out later in the spring or summer of 2011 when I come back to Canada in March for three weeks.

From our house to your house, we hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and a great holiday season. In closing, wish you all the best in 2011!  Do check back at this site for more information on music and shows involving me in the coming weeks.

Musically yours, Trent