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Spring Update 2011 – Upcoming Music Activities in Canada & Norway Print E-mail

Hi, everyone! I trust you are well wherever you are. I have some music activities coming up from March to June 2011 where I will be active in both Western Canada and Norway.


To begin, I will be in the studio recording an album with John Arcand in early March for a spring 2011 release as well as with other artists to be announced later. I then have a show and dance schedule that will follow this session. Contact details and other information can be found in the calendar section of my website for upcoming shows and events. (Come back to this article for updates as well.) Here's my schedule to date:

March 11-13 – Calvin Vollrath Album Release Party Weekend - Edmonton, Alberta
Thursday, March 17 – University of Saskatchewan Fine Arts Lecture Series – Education Building, Quance Theatre, Saskatoon, Sask. I will present a lecture from my masters thesis in ethnomusicology in the concluding lecture of this annual lecture series.

Just after I land back in Norway, I will be accompanying the Osterøy Fiddle and Dance Group for a spring concert at the Osterøy Museum on Sunday evening, March 27th. Then, for the first time since my move to Norway in 2004, I will be playing a Norwegian concert tour with fiddlers from home in Canada! On this tour, I'm pleased to be performing with the Manitoba mother and son duo of Patti and Alex Lamoureux in the following locations (as of this article):

Monday, April 18 – Full Moon Concert Series, Stavanger, Norway
Thursday, April 28 – Riksscenen, Oslo, Norway
Monday, May 2 – Columbi Egg Concert Series, Bergen, Norway
Tuesday, May 3 – Osterøy Museum, Gjerstad, Norway

I also have two other performances in Norway through the 2011 spring season to this point:

May 15 – Private Function
June 18 – Concert with hardanger fiddlers Silje and Hogne Midtbø Vevle, Bullahuset, Valestrand, Norway

As promised in my last news release, the webshop and piano sheet music lists have now been uploaded and updated. My new selections in the piano section include solos Peace Be With You, Your Hand in Mine, The Shepherd of the Flock, and LinnTiril.

Wherever you are, I hope to meet you at a venue soon. Let me know if I can come to your area to record, teach, give a presentation, perform for you or perform with you and other musicians who may be in need of musical help. See you down the musical trail!

Musically yours, Trent