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Osterøy Museum Concludes 2011 Norwegian Tour Print E-mail

Hello from Osterøy! Tuesday, May 3rd was the last of four concerts in Norway with Patti and Alex Lamoureux, concluding at the Osterøy Museum in Gjerstad. It was hard to believe the tour was reaching an end, but the audience in attendance enjoyed the old tiime music from both Norway and Canada this evening and from other earlier concerts on the tour.

We were privileged to have Osterøy accordion dance band Kletten Hill as the opening act. This Norwegian old time (also known as "gammaldans") dance band made old time music worthy of dancing, showed quality musicianship, and featured original compositions for their opening set. Kletten Hill features the following musicians:

Sindre Fotland - Two row button accordion
Kristoffer Kleiveland -
Two row button accordion
Eirik Njåstad - Two row button accordion
Andreas Kollvangsnes - Stand-up bass
Sondre Seilen - Guitar
Henning Neu Hoshovde - Guitar (not present for this concert)

Then it was Patti and Alex's turn to take the stage as the featured act of the evening. While Alex invited local accordionist Ingvild Seilen as a guest musician to perform a traditional Irish tune called "Morrison's Jig" during the concert, I had the chance to perform some piano solos (Peace Be With You and Amour) as well.

We thank Randi Andersen of the Osterøy Museum for organizing our final tour concert. It was sad to see the end, but we were glad for all who attended and the new musical friends we made. And yes, although it was a 7:00 A.M. flight for Patti & Alex from Bergen, many musical memories were shared with the Norwegian public. Tusen takk fra Norge!!

Musically Yours, Trent