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Our Way, Ambos' first album release, took place during their return engagement at the John Arcand Fiddle Fest on Friday, August 12, 2011. The album was produced by Trent Bruner, with musical arrangements by Trent Bruner. Silje and Hogne Midtbø Vevle and Una Anine O'Keeffe.

What is unique about this debut album is that Silje and Hogne are accompanied by some of Western Canada’s best accompanists for fiddle music, meaning that a meeting of two distinct musical cultures takes place. This leads to some special music moments throughout the album. The backup musicians assisting them on their debut album are also soloists in their own right, as well as recognized accompanists in the Canadian fiddle scene:

Trent Bruner Piano, keyboards, feet
Clinton Pelletier Acoustic Guitars
David Barber Banjo, Electric Guitar
Everett Larson Keyboard Accordion
Dean Kushneryk Drums

along with special guest fiddler Hannah Moira Midtbø-Bruner

This album was made possible through the efforts of Wes and Sharon Friesen from Keyteck Studios in Hague, Saskatchewan, Canada. We thank them for their belief in this project and for their kind and generous support to this effort. (Contact Keyteck Studios: +1-306-225-4629  E-mail - keyteck(@)

Check the audio clips for this album on my artist page on Facebook. Follow the Facebook icon on the left hand side of this page and look under info to preview the album. You can order this album through the web shop on this website.


  1. Halla Halling (Silje Midtbø Vevle, TONO)
  2. Gangar (Sjur Eldegard)
  3. Hoggen (Silje Midtbø Vevle, Una Anine O'Keeffe, TONO)
  4. Smøygen (Anders Viken)/Steamboat Wheeler Reel (Andy DeJarlis, SOCAN)
  5. Straumen (Silje Midtbø Vevle, TONO)
  6. Rett vest med Eric Øst (Out West with Eric East - Gjermund Larsen, TONO)
  7. Sommarkveld (Summer Evening [waltz] – Moses Paulen)
  8. String Swing (Silje Midtbø Vevle, TONO) 
  9. Hamborgar frå Breim (Polka from Breim – Norwegian Traditional)
10. Bruremarsj frå Vestfold (Bridal March From Vestfold – Norwegian Traditional)
11. Cadre Style of Jig (French Canadian Traditional)
12. Syv Fjell (Seven Mountains - Trent Bruner, SOCAN, CMRRA)
13. Hannah Moira sin julepolka (Hannah Moira's Christmas Polka - Hannah Moira Midtbø-Bruner, TONO)
14. Hopparen (The Jumper - Norwegian Traditional)/Cotton Eyed Joe (American Traditional)