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Friday, August 12th was a day of celebration as Silje and Hogne Midtbø Vevle (known as Ambos) had released their debut CD Our Way at the John Arcand Fiddle Fest. These two hardanger fiddlers opened the Friday night show for Cape Breton fiddler, guitarist and vocalist J.P. Cormier and the Elliott Brothers. Also, The Cleavers performed for the Friday night dance after J.P.'s show. Read on to learn more....




Silje and Hogne Midtbø Vevle (Ambos) performed five selections as the opening act for J.P. Cormier and The Elliott Brothers' headline appearance at the 14th annual John Arcand Fiddle Fest southwest of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on Friday night, August 12th to a warm reception from the audience for the release of their debut album Our Way. Silje and Hogne were also fortunate to have Clinton Pelletier join on guitar for this release concert as well as Hannah Moira Midtbø Bruner perform Hannah Moira's Christmas Polka on stage. The album is now available for sale through this website as well as the sheet music for Hannah Moira's Christmas Polka. We thank John and Vicki Arcand for their kind invitation to perform at this 14th annual edition and for providing a venue for the release of Ambos' debut CD Our Way. Please let your friends know about this album and how they can purchase it from us. Audio clips will be posted soon on this website, so do check back to hear the selections on this album.

The Cleavers (Rodney Krip, Tyler Kushneryk and Yours truly) also had the opportunity to play for the Friday night dance this year, which made this the first time the trio had ever performed at the John Arcand Fiddle Fest. We not only thank John and Vicki for this kind invitiation, but also thank everyone who heard, enjoyed and danced to our music. It was indeed our pleasure to play for many dancers who enjoy old time and square dancing.

More news will come later after Saskatoon Folkfest. Until next time, see you down the musical trail!

Musically yours, Trent