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  Link   Ivonne Hernandez
A talented fiddler from Victoria, B.C. who has been a finalist at the Canadian Grand Masters Fiddling Championship and one whom I have accompanied on stage on occasion.
  Link   Stephanie Labbe
A talented fiddler and teacher from Quebec whom I have co-taught with and accompanied.
  Link   Yvon Cuillerier
A fiddle legend from St. Bruno, Quebec whom I have shared the stage with on occasion through the years.
  Link   Annika Westgård
A fine fiddler and singer from Kragerø, Norway who performs in the Norwegian traditional folk music group North Atlantic.
  Link   Catriona MacDonald
A talented fiddler from the Shetland Islands of Scotland whom I have seen in concert and have accompanied in workshops.
  Link   Karrnnel Sawitsky
Saskatchewan Provincial Fiddle Championship winner and Canadian Grand Masters finalist.
  Link   Frank Ferrel
A legendary American fiddler and composer living in Maine whom I have performed and co-taught with.
  Link   Patti Kusturok
Three time Canadian Grand Masters fiddle champion, entertainer and fiddle teacher.
  Link   Kevin Henderson
A fiddle player from the Shetland Islands of Scotland who keeps a busy schedule with many performing groups and lives in Kragerø, Norway with Annika Westgård.
  Link   J. J. Guy
J. J. Guy is a fiddler from Lintlaw, Saskatchewan who is a past Saskatchewan Junior Fiddle champion and is active as a fiddle teacher in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia.
  Link   Winnie Chafe
Winnie is an educator, Cape Breton fiddler and one whom I have shared the stage and fiddle camps with through the years.
  Link   Stephanie Cadman
A talented stepdancer and fiddler originally from Nepean, Ontario, a suburb of Ottawa whom I have composed with and accompanied on occasion through the years.
  Link   Stacey Lynn Read
A New Brunswick fiddler who has been a Canadian Grand Masters finalist and is an active fiddle teacher.
  Link   Shane Cook
Canadian and US National Fiddle Champion.
  Link   Samantha Robichaud
A past Canadian Grand Masters finalist from New Brunswick who plays a fine fiddle.
  Link   Old Time Fiddle Kids
Kai and Lia Gronberg, two talented young fiddlers from Abbotsford, B.C. who enjoy fiddling around. They started to play classical violin at age 4, but soon fell in love with fiddle when the old time tunes were introduced to them.
  Link   Natalie MacMaster
Internationally renowned fiddler from Nova Scotia who is married to Donnell Leahy of the Leahy Family and plays as a solo artist.
  Link   Mark Sullivan
Three time Canadian Grand Masters fiddling champion, composer, entertainer and teacher.
  Link   Mark O' Connor
One of the world's most recognized fiddlers and violinists.
  Link   Leahy
A family band from Lakeview, Ontario who have performed nationally and internationally.
  Link   La Bottine Souriante
A wonderful folk band from Montreal, Quebec who never hesitate to be original with anything traditional!
  Link   Kelli Trottier
A fine fiddler, country singer and stepdancer from Kingston, Ontario whom I have accompanied and co-taught with at fiddle camps.
  Link   John Arcand
The Master of the Metis Fiddle from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan whom I have accompanied often through the years and operates a successful annual fiddle fest every August.
  Link   Jocelyne Bourque
A fine fiddle and stepdance teacher from New Brunswick whom I have co-taught with and accompanied on stage.
  Link   Jerry Holland
A famous Cape Breton fiddler who sadly is no longer with us, but I was fortunate to accompany, interview and co-teach with.
  Link   Ivan Hicks
A New Brunswick fiddle legend who performs on stage with his wife Vivian.
  Link   Gordon Stobbe
A renowned fiddle teacher, composer, and past TV show host.
  Link   Dennis Harrington
A fine fiddler from Renfrew, Ontario who composes some fiddle tunes, entertains and hosts a weekly radio show on Canadian fiddle music on Valley Heritage Radio, which you will find in the radio station section of the links page!
  Link   Chris Ricker
A photographer originally from North Bay, Ontario who also plays a fine fiddle.
  Link   Calvin Vollrath
Canada's Fiddling Sensation from St. Paul, Alberta who composes, records, produces and entertains.
  Link   The Calgary Fiddlers
A youth fiddle group from Calgary, Alberta that has entertained locally and internationally.
  Link   Brian Hebert
A renowned fiddle teacher, judge and composer from Pembroke, Ontario with whom I have worked with on occasion as an accompanist and music scribe.
  Link   Blazin Fiddles
A high energy fiddle group from the Shetland Islands of Scotland.
  Link   Barrage
A fiddle group from Calgary, Alberta that perform internationally and make fiddle music a showtime experience.
  Link   April Verch
A past Canadian Grand Masters fiddle champion from Pembroke, Ontario who composes, sings, stepdances and tours internationally.