Trent Bruner

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  Link   Songlaget Alvidt-Manger/The Alvidt-Manger Singers
This choir, which has operated since 1985, rehearses on Thursday evenings at Knarvik Elementary School (barneskule). I serve as the conductor for this choir. A more detailed web link will be in place as soon as possible.
  Link   Tysnes Kammerkor/Tysnes Chamber Choir
This local choir rehearses each Tuesday night at Onarheim, on the Tysnes Peninsula, south of Bergen. I serve as the conductor for this choir.
  Link   Damekoret Toneveld
Damekoret Toneveld is a member of the Norwegian Song Association (Norges sangerforbund) that is based in Bergen, Norway. I presently serve as the accompanist for this women's choir.
  Link   Unnelandskoret
This is a local choir that I accompany from Espeland, east of Bergen, Norway, under the direction of Marius Dale Romslo.