Hi Everyone!

A brand new book of original fiddle tunes is now available for sale! I took time over the past few months to review original fiddle tunes I had written by myself and with others and put together 55 tunes that come from me, me and some of my fiddle friends (John Arcand, Calvin Vollrath, Stephanie Cadman, Cammy Romanuck-Murphy, Ben Beveridge, Shamma Sabir, Taylor Buckley and Nancy Padilla) and our 13 year old daughter, Hannah Moira Midtbø-Bruner, with harmonies arranged by me and her big sister, Silje Midtbø Vevle.

As time permitted over the past few months, I was able to assemble and publish a book of fiddle tunes that have either been recorded, taught, performed or earlier published with others from the 1990s to the present. This book will be available in both PDF format and printed format. The PDF format is being released Saturday, July 1, 2017, while the print format will be released Saturday, July 15th when I play with The Cleavers (Rodney Krip, Tyler Kushneryk and Yours Truly) at an old time dance in Spruce Home, Saskatchewan, near my home village of Canwood, Saskatchewan. July 1st was selected as the release date as it coincides with Canada's 150th Birthday Celebrations on our national holiday, which is July 1st. This is also our family's way of celebrating Canada's birthday from a distance with the world.

Both formats of the book can be ordered from the webshop here at Each tune tells a story about what I've done and where I have travelled in my musical and personal life. You're not just buying a music book, but a part of my personal and shared history that I'm glad to share with you. Some tunes are familiar to fiddlers while some are brand new. I trust that you'll enjoy playing these tunes as I and others have had in creating them and sharing them.

Happy Canada Day to all back home, and for those from outside Canada, feel free to share in our celebration with us in big and small ways. See you somewhere down the musical trail!

Musically Yours, Trent