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Trent Bruner

Musician, Educator, Composer, Producer,

Recording Artist, Choral Conductor

Trent Bruner-Spring 2018-Helge Aspevik-P

All About Trent Bruner

Trent Bruner is one of North America's most sought after fiddle accompanists. Trent's piano and guitar playing skills can be heard on the albums of 54 well known fiddle acts.

Trent began his musical involvement at age 12 with piano lessons and guitar coaching at age 15. He holds bachelor degrees in elementary classroom education and elementary music education from the University of Saskatchewan (majoring in piano) and a Masters degree in ethnomusicology from the University of Bergen in Norway. Trent has taught piano and guitar accompaniment both in private lessons and workshops at fiddle and music camps since 1990. He regularly accompanies many of the top fiddle players on their tours, is much sought after as a house accompanist at fiddle contests throughout Canada and does a lot of work as a backup artist on many albums. Trent is also active as a recording artist, music teacher, choir conductor, church organist and composer.

Trent's Newest Music Items for Sale

All of Mine Volume 1

My latest music book of 60 original fiddle tunes from my own music collection is available for sale! This book was released in PDF format and in hard copy in July 2019! Visit the webshop to place your order!


Leave it to The Cleavers Fiddle Music Book

The long awaited 2018 fiddle music book of the tunes from The Cleavers' third album "Leave it to The Cleavers" is available in both hard copy and PDF format in our webshop! Our collection of original tunes and requests from our stage shows is in print!


Trent Bruner

Audio Vault

Trent Bruner

Trent Bruner

Canadian Grand Masters Award of Merit Winners Announcement 2018-2019

Trent Bruner and daughters Hannah Moira & Ingrid Sofie Midtbø-Bruner-Fiddle Medley October 10, 2020

The Joy of Mercy - Piano Solo

Prelude 1 in C Major BWV 846 from the Well-Tempered Clavier - Johann Sebastian Bach


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