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The Cleavers

An Introduction

The Cleavers are a dynamic musical trio comprised of two fiddlers and a pianist. Each member has been performing from an early age, and together they offer a variety of traditional and contemporary Canadian fiddle music for your listening & dancing pleasure.

The Cleavers include champion fiddlers Rodney Krip and Tyler Kushneryk and internationally acclaimed accompanist Trent Bruner.

Their natural showmanship and energetic presentation thrills audiences as they demonstrate various styles of Canadian fiddle music.

The Cleavers have performed at many conventions, dances and festivals across Canada. They have also appeared as guest artists, judges and accompanists at various fiddle contests and teach as instructors at numerous workshops and camps. They have also performed as a group internationally in the United States and Spain.

The Cleavers have extensive experience in providing music for old time dances, step dancers and dance troupes. This group has performed together since 1994 and have three albums to their credit.

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