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Trent Bruner

Teaching Positions

Trent has taught piano, voice and beginner guitar as a private music teacher since 1992, and as a substitute piano teacher for the Osterøy Culture School since January 2006, the Bergen Culture School since April 2012, the Alver Culture School since May 2022 and the Fedje Culture School since February 2023. He also held a temporary position teaching piano and ear training in the Fine Arts program at Bergen's Langhaugen High School (Langhaugen videregående skole) during the 2013-2014 school year. Since 2015-2016, he held two temporary positions for one year each as a piano teacher for the Bergen Culture School, and held another temporary position with the Alver Culture School from May 2022-June 2024. Trent has also taught piano and/or guitar accompaniment at the following fiddle camps and workshops since 1990:

  • SCES Fiddle Camp (Emma Lake and Arlington Beach, Saskatchewan)

  • Tuffnell Fiddle Camp (Tuffnell, Saskatchewan)

  • Kenosee Lake Kitchen Party (Kenosee Lake, Saskatchewan)

  • John Arcand Fiddle Fest (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)

  • Northern Lights Bluegrass and Old Time Music Camp (Ness Creek, Saskatchewan)

  • The Fiddlin' Kiddlins Spring Fiddle and Piano Workshop (Vegreville, Alberta)

  • Northeast Music Association Spring Workshop (St. Paul, Alberta)

  • The Cats and the Fiddles Fall Workshop (Pine Lake, Alberta)

  • Calvin Vollrath Fiddle Camp (St. Edouard, Alberta)

  • Pacific Fiddle College (Hope, British Columbia)

  • The Andy DeJarlis Winter Fiddle Workshop (Victoria, British Columbia)

  • By-The-Canal Fiddle Camp (Ottawa, Ontario)

  • Maritime Fiddle Contest Committee Fall Accompanying Workshop (Salisbury, New Brunswick)

  • Fiddles of the World (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

  • Montana Fiddle Camp (Elliston and Monarch, Montana, USA)

  • North Atlantic Fiddle, Guitar and Piano Workshop (Gjerstad, Osterøy, Norway)

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