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 Song Writing

Trent has co-written one gospel song with Jeanne Buckley of Roundup, Montana ("Glory's Crown" - March 1997), and one song in the French Canadian folk tradition with Pauline and Marielle Gauthier of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan ("Monsieur le curè a tout dit": February-April 1999, which was recorded on La Ribambelle & The Cleavers - en spectacle "live"). On his own, he has composed one Christmas song titled "Christmas is Here", 45 country gospel songs, one childrens' gospel song and four country songs, with two of these country songs marking the 100th anniversary of the R.M. of Canwood #494 (Saskatchewan) and the Village of Canwood, Saskatchewan; "100 Years of Memories" and "Svendsen's General Store."


Trent Bruner

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