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The Fiddle Accompanist's Chord Chart Collection Volume 1

An excerpt from"The Fiddle Accompanist's Chord Chart Collection Volume 1"

Purpose of this Series:

"This collection of chord charts and accompanying recording is from requests of fiddle and accompanying students at various fiddle camps throughout Canada and the United States who desire to be more comfortable in accompanying long established fiddle tunes, whether they be traditional in origin or composed by fiddlers of yesterday."


  • KEY OF C

    • Black Velvet Waltz

    • Rock Valley Jig

    • Don Messer's Breakdown

    • Buckfever Rag

  • KEY OF G

    • Scan Waltz

    • Jimmie's Favourite Jig

    • Vail's Breakdown

    • Prairie Winter Blues

  • KEY OF D

    • Aurora Waltz

    • Ripple Rock Jig

    • Patronella

    • Walkin' Uptown

  • KEY OF A

    • Lisa Lynn Waltz

    • Irishman's Heart to the Ladies

    • Big John McNeil

    • Joys of Quebec

  • KEY OF E

    • Scotch Style Jig

    • Popcorn Reel

    • Panhandle Rag

  • KEY OF F

    • Arizona Waltz

    • Early Bird Jig

    • Herring Reel

    • White River Stomp

  • KEY OF Bb

    • Dawn Waltz

    • Cadeau's Jig

    • Mitton's Breakdown

    • Casey Jones (The Barn Dance)

Assisted by Calvin Vollrath (Fiddle).

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