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Trent Bruner

Choral Conductor

Since 2011, Trent has also served as a choir conductor, piano accompanist and a choral music arranger
for various amateur choirs in the Bergen area of Norway. These groups include:


  • Unnelandskoret (The Unneland Community Choir - Unneland, Norway)

  • Bjørgvin vokal (The Bjørgvin Mixed Choir - Bergen, Norway)

  • Vegkantoriet (The Norwegian Highway Department Employee Choir - Bergen, Norway)

  • Haus barnegospel (A children's church choir affiliated with Haus Lutheran Church, Osterøy, Norway)

  • Osterøy gospelkor (A teenage gospel choir affiliated with the Osterøy Lutheran Parish, Norway)

  • Arne Sangforening (The Arne and District Mixed Chorus - Ytre Arna, Norway)

  • Damekoret Toneveld (A local women's choir based in Bergen, Norway)

  • Sounds Like Us (A young adult choir based in Bergen, Norway)

  • Tysnes kammerkor (An adult chamber choir based in Tysnes, Norway)

  • Os kammerkor (An adult chamber choir based in Os, Norway)

  • Alvidt-Manger blandakor (An adult choir based in Knarvik, Norway)

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