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Vintage Records

Trent Bruner

Composing Credits

Trent has composed 75 original piano solos, 43 country gospel songs, four country songs and 453 original fiddle tunes
on his own to date. His original piano solos to date are available for sale in sheet music format as listed:


  • Heaven's Promise

  • April's Tune

  • Amour

  • A Daughter's Joy

  • With Love to Hannah Moira

  • Ode to Grandma

  • Prayertime Lullaby

  • I Wanna Be Here With You

  • Islas Canarias

  • Reinhard's Waltz

  • Lillies of the Field

  • My Comfort for You

  • When Two Become One

  • Liv and Ulf's Wedding Waltz

  • Magnar's Birthday Surprise

  • This Day, To You I Wed

  • The Christmas Bells of Bergen

  • Pølse Knut'n (Up and Down the Hills)

  • Ingrid Sofie's Welcome

  • Follow His Calling

  • Linn Tiril

  • Peace be With You

  • My Fiddle Grandpa

  • The Shepherd of The Flock

  • Your Hand in Mine

  • My Garden of Love

  • Swingin' Kjell Hannisdal

  • The Prophetic Word

  • Heirlooms of the Heart

  • Making a Way

  • A Higher Calling

  • After the Sunrise

  • Donny

  • Friends of Unneland

  • Howard and Gerda's Anniversary Waltz

  • Jubal's Song

  • One Step Forward

  • Remember the Dream

  • The Joy of Mercy

  • The Walk of Faith

  • Do You Know Him?

  • It's All in His Hands

  • Do Unto The Least of These

  • Let the Little Children Come to Me

  • The Steadfast Man

  • Song of Songs

  • Bouquet of Flowers

  • Red and White Rag

  • McNamara's Piano

  • The Gift of Peace

  • Merry Christmas Tonight

  • The Gift of Hope

  • The Messiah is Coming

  • The Holy Celebration

  • The New Heaven and the New Earth

  • Let the People Sing Amen

  • Now We Are Married

  • Mischief

  • Simone

  • Jill's Waltz

  • Broken Dreams

  • Cheesecake Cafe

  • Lori's Theme

  • Paulina

  • Ballerina

  • The Wedding Day

  • Golli

  • A Ransom for Many

  • Jitterbug Jitters

  • And A Little Child Shall Lead Them

  • Prayers for Little Henry 

  • The Man of God (Guds mann)

  • Mindekongen (The King of Minde)

  • God's Fruit of the Womb

  • The Transfiguration

Some of his original fiddle tunes have been recorded on the fiddle albums Cleaver's World (The Cleavers, 1994), Serves Me Right (Ben Beveridge, 1994) Hitting the Notes (Samantha Robichaud, Riverview, New Brunswick, 1997), and Syv fjell (The Seven Mountains - Ambos, Valestrand, Norway, 2011) on their album Our Way.

He has also co-written additional fiddle tunes with Rodney Krip, Tyler Kushneryk, Dean Bernier, John Arcand, April Verch, Stephanie Cadman, Louis Schryer, Taylor Buckley, Nancy Padilla, and Calvin Vollrath. The following tunes have been recorded as follows:

  • Shared compositions with Calvin Vollrath: "Le Dionne Dontôn", recorded on Instrumentally Yours - Something Different, and "Winner in Wintapeg" on Tamarackr' Down, and the 1996, 1997, and 1998 Canadian Grand Masters Finals Cassettes.

  • Shared composition with Calvin Vollrath and John Arcand, "JCT 2 Step" on the 1993 cassette Too Close for Comfort.

  • Shared compositions with Dean Bernier (Bizzare Leon), and with Rodney Krip and Tyler Kushneryk (Le Grand Fromage, The First Waltz, Cut and Paste, KBK Schottische, Cleaver's Clog, Tydneyent Jig, A Reel for Chanda, Roger Trottier's Reel, Wildcat Polka, New Years Two Step) recorded as part of Cleaver's World, "Searching", and "White Star" as a part of Leave It to The Cleavers, and the Canadian Grand Masters Finals Cassettes from 1997 to 2001.

  • Shared composition with 1997 Canadian Grand Masters Champion April Verch, "Waiting for Home", recorded on the 1997 Canadian Grand Masters Finals Cassette, and her 1998 album, Fiddleicious.

  • Shared composition with Nancy Padilla, "Jackpine", recorded by her Montana bluegrass group "Deep River" on their 1997 CD release, The Cottonwood.

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