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Trent Bruner

Album Resumé

Trent has been privileged to appear as an accompanist on albums from Canada, the United States and Norway. On these albums, he has performed as a pianist, pump organist, rhythm guitarist, backup vocalist, small instrument percussionist (spoons, cowbell, guiro, feet) and have has roles as assistant producer, co-producer and lead album producer. Trent has worked in various recording sessions with numerous studios and musicians. Many of these albums are Canadian fiddle recordings, but others include children's, gospel, country, and variety albums, along with albums released in the United States and Europe.

The following is the collection of artists and groups he has appeared with as an accompanist since beginning recording sessions in 1990:

Dean Bernier
John Arcand
Gordon Radu
The Cleavers
Leon Malinowski
Ben Beveridge
The Parkland Fiddlers
The Trischuk Brothers
Everett Larson
Sister Lucille Wolters
Freddie & Clinton Pelletier
Don Freed
Jimmie Walker
Cammy Romanuck
Christina Neudorf
Lucas Welsh
Paul Bourgeois
Anndrea Friesen
Katie Hess
The Believers
Carolyn Enns
Victor Rose


Calvin Vollrath
Gene Michael
Richard Callihoo
Homer Poitras
Gilbert Anderson
Ed Schweigert
Riel Aubichon

Ethan Harty

British Columbia
Bob Montgomery
Garry Hill
Sydney Wilson


Patti Kusturok
Mitchell Grobb
Bill Gray and Marina Archibald
Mel Bedard
Emile Lavallee
Garry Lapine
Robert Isfeld
Katie Hannah
Melanie Ostash


Randy Foster
Dennis Harrington
Terri Lynn Mahusky
April Verch
Bruce Wilson
Ira McWilliams
Julie Fitzgerald
Emma March


Bruce Armitage
Danny Perreault
Stephanie Labbe


Northwest Territories
Richard Lafferty


Canadian Charity, Cultural and Fiddle Organizations
Emma Lake Fiddle Camp Fundraising Recordings
Kenosee Lake Kitchen Party Album Series
Gabriel Dumont Institute
Edmonton Metis Cultural Dance Society
Canada Council on the Arts
Canadian Grand Masters Fiddling Championship (with various other Canadian fiddlers)
The Children of Chernobyl
Compliments to Pembroke Hospital Fundraiser


International Appearances
Fred Allery (North Dakota, USA)
The Buckleys (Montana, USA)
Lauren Beaudry (Massachusetts, USA)
Osterøy Spel- og Dansarlag (Osterøy, Norway)
Leif Rygg (Voss, Norway)
Ambos (Silje and Hogne Midtbø Vevle - Valestrand, Norway)
Amalie Olsen (Skien, Norway)

Nordhordland Music Theatre-Frå hav til fjell i Nordhordland (Compilation album of songwriter Arne Høyland, Eikangervåg, Norway)

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