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Trent Bruner

The Music Arranger

  • Set music to three original contemporary French Canadian songs by Saskatchewan Francophone Vocalist Award winner Pauline Gauthier ("Boy", "Dis-moi pas", "Tu est as Laline" - April & November 1999).

  • Created the musical arrangement for Norwegian songwriter Amalie Olsen's "Ikke gråt (Don't Cry - September 2011), "Under Stjernene" (Under the Stars - December 2014) and "Mer enn tusen ord" (More Than a Thousand Words - December 2015).

  • Established chord arrangements to numerous fiddle tunes since 1986.

  • Established choral arrangements for children's choirs, women's choirs and adult mixed choirs since 2004.

  • Acted as musical director for the Norwegian regional music theatre production “Frå hav til fjell i Nordhordland” [From Sea
    to Mountain in North Hordland] in 2023.

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