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Links-Radio Stations

Without the support and airplay from various private and public radio stations, many in the fiddle community would not have a public performance profile to present to the general public. Here is a sample of the radio stations I am aware of that present and promote fiddle music in their local, regional and national areas.

I have either received radio airplay or have performed with others who have been featured on various broadcasts on some of these stations. Most stations, if  not all, have internet feeds through their websites for their listening and dancing pleasture. Enjoy the music and send a thank you to these stations for their support of traditional fiddling and other related folk music. If you know of any other stations that should be included or changed in this list, please let me know so they can be included or changed. We all need each other to promote and support one another.

NOTE: All times listed in these links are local broadcast times in their service areas. Check the broadcast time in your area.

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