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Tysnes kammerkor/Tysnes Chamber Choir: This is one choir I conduct regularly during the choir season. This choir celebrated its 30th anniversary season in 2023-24 and consists of 24 members who sing at various local events and have travelled for performances outside Norway as well. Their Facebook page is in Norwegian, but their choir performances are listed in my performance calendar as they are scheduled. Their repertoire is a mixture of sacred and secular music with at least five performances during their regular season.

The Alvidt-Manger Singers/Songlaget Alvidt Manger: This one time mixed choir is now a women's choir that meets weekly during the choral season in Knarvik and have a repertoire of sacred and secular music for many occasions. This group performs at least four times per season, but schedules can vary from year to year. As per today, their contact information page on is being updated. It will be posted when it is back in service.

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