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Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Hi, everyone!

I trust that all who are reading this will have had a wonderful Christmas and that plans for the rest of the holiday season will bring rest, time with family and friends, and maybe an occasional gig or two for all my music friends and colleagues. This report on and my Facebook artist page is a short overview since September 2023 and a few plans for 2024 as per December 26, 2023. My list of projects to finish very soon over the holidays is as follows:

Trying to finish the long awaited updates for my website. There hasn’t been much time to work on it because I’m…

Finishing planning for the second semester of piano teaching for the Alver Culture School, as my temporary teaching position has again been extended to the end of June 2024, with 13 beginner piano students receiving instruction on Mondays through the school year. I was also busy as an on call substitute piano teacher through the fall semester as well.

Preparing for the spring semester with my two choirs in Tysnes and Alvidt-Manger for their upcoming concerts from March to June 2024.

Practicing for at least two concerts with Norwegian fiddlers Jorun Marie Kvernberg and Britt Pernille Frøholm at Columbi Egg in Bergen on Monday, January 22 and at Oslo’s Riksscenen Thursday, January 25th, as they celebrate the release of a new CD under their duo, Kviven.

Writing new music as the inspiration comes.

As for other music work, church music activities in the Osterøy Lutheran Fellowship have stayed active as earlier. The main focus in 2024 on the local church calendar will be the 1000th Anniversary Celebration of the founding of Hamre Lutheran Church, which will happen from May 23-26, 2024. Planning has been happening over the past calendar year and more planning will continue over the coming months. Between me and cantor Ivar Mæland, we will have much to do with music leading up to and including the celebration. More details will be released as they are confirmed. This church is also our family’s home congregation, so extra excitement is in the air in our area. An article will be written on this as dates get closer.

I still serve as a member of the Canadian Grand Masters Fiddling Association’s Board of Directors from an ocean away. My main role on the board remains to act as the historian and collect and analyze as much historical information as possible in assisting the board to honour and fulfill its mandate of promoting, developing and preserving the traditions of Canadian fiddling and its related disciplines. Also, I have been helping in the organizing with the board the 2024 Canadian Grand Masters Fiddling Competition, which will be happening in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory August 23-24, 2024, along with the first ever Pan-Northern Fiddle Summit, which will bring together youth fiddlers from across Northern Canada. Further details on the 34th edition of our national fiddle championship are being released via and More information continues to be released as it becomes available, so check these sites for further details.

I’ll close here for now. On behalf of our family: Hilde, Hannah Moira, Ingrid Sofie and Yours truly, have a wonderful holiday and a happy, healthy and prosperous 2024. Until next time, see you somewhere down the musical trail!

Musically Yours, Trent

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