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All of Mine Volume 1-60 More Original Fiddle Tunes in PDF Format

All of Mine Volume 1-60 More Original Fiddle Tunes in PDF Format

The PDF version of my second fiddle music book of 60 original tunes in the Canadian, Metis, Irish, Scottish and Norwegian traditions. When ordering the PDF version of the book, after the book is paid for by PayPal, a link to download the book will be e-mailed to you when your e-mail address is submited.

Order of Tunes

A Birthday Jig for Alanna

A Celtic Dancer (jig)
A Celtic Dream (jig)
A Jig for the Irish Whiskey Band 

A Waltz for Aynsley (slow waltz)

A Slow Morning (medium tempo waltz)

Amberly Klassen’s Jig
A Waltz for Meagan Elizabeth
Allison and Jennifer (jig-twin fiddle)
The Art Adrian Memorial Waltz
Bob and Susan’s Two Step (twin fiddle)
The Best of Buds (reel)
Celtic Memories of Folkfest (reel)
Chief Ahthakakoop Reel
Compliments to Margaret Robertson (reel)
Compliments to Martine Billette (reel)
Compliments to Theresa Bourke (reel)
Continental Two Step (twin fiddle)
The Dancing Angel (slow reel/hornpipe - in memory of Colleen Jenish)
Dave and Dorene’s Polka (twin fiddle)
The Don Brunsdon Memorial Waltz
The Davie Henderson Memorial March

Dublin Memories (reel)
Gabriel Dumont’s Last Stand (reel)
Giddy Up Go (reel-double step)
Grandpa’s Old Windmill (reel)

The Golden Horses at Armley’s Corner (aire)
The Guinness Storehouse (reel)
Hallonquist Polka (twin fiddle)
Halloween Polka (twin fiddle)
The Jack Olson Memorial Hambo (twin fiddle)

Jon and the Kids (schottische-twin fiddle)
Justin Bell’s Polka
Katie Harvey’s Jig
Kim de Laforest’s Jig
Leon Lussier’s Reel
Luck of the Irish (jig)
Marthe and Anders’ Wedding (two step-twin fiddle)
Matthew Scollay’s March

Memories of Kaustinen (slow polka-twin fiddle)
Memories of Trois-Rivières (reel)
My Five Dads (polka)
The Ned Landry Memorial Waltz
The New French Minuet Melody (pattern dance)
The Newlyweds’ Waltz (slow waltz)

The Night We Milked the Goat (crooked jig)
Pickin’ the Ice (jig)
Passin’ Through Chicago (swing/fox trot)

Queen City Strathspey
Rachel and Sabin (reel)
Rainbow Valley Two Step (twin fiddle)
The Reigstad Schottische (Reigstads reinlender)

The Road to Valleyfield (reel)
Rod and Cindy (swing/fox trot)
Samantha Harvey’s Reel

Sigurd Skarsgard’s Country Shuffle

The Saskatchewan Seven Step (pattern dance-twin fiddle)

Westman’s Clog
Valse Guylaine (waltz)
Winter Holidays in Pitlochery (reel)

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