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All of Mine Volume 4-60 Original Fiddle Tunes-PDF Format

All of Mine Volume 4-60 Original Fiddle Tunes-PDF Format

This is the PDF version of my fourth fiddle music book of 60 original tunes in the Canadian, Metis, Irish, Scottish and Norwegian traditions. When ordering the PDF version of the book, after the book is paid for by PayPal, the book will be e-mailed to you when your e-mail address is submitted.

A Slow Day (Slow Waltz)
A Jig for Becky
A Tribute to Reuben Mayes (Cajun Two Step)
A Waltz for Diane
A Waltz for Michele
A Waltz in a Hurry (Norwegian Waltz)
Berta’s Polka (Twin Fiddle)
The Art Ahenakew Breakdown (Crooked Reel)
Boxing Day Reel
Carey and Robert’s Schottische (Twin Fiddle)
Christmas Night Waltz
The Clifton Brown Memorial Waltz
Comment allez-vous, Madame? Monsieur? (Two Step-Twin Fiddle)
Compliments to Jason Lapine (Reel)
The Composers’ Party Jig
The Conn Amyotte Polka (Twin Fiddle)
Cunningham’s Caper (Reel)
The Dale Amyotte
Debbie Reid’s Waltz Clog
The Dick Barrett Memorial Swing (Three Part Fiddle)
Double Stepper Delight (Breakdown)
The Earl Switenky Memorial Waltz
Emile Lamontagne’s Two Step (Twin Fiddle)
The Dry Creek Penguins Breakdown
Grasslands (Crooked Reel)
Hoedown Ed (For Ed Peekeekoot)
Holidays in Hamburg (Waltz)
Janine Randall’s Strathspey (Twin Fiddle)
The Jerky Jig (Subtitle: Jigs are Jerky)

The Jim Neilson Memorial Reel

Joe Dziok’s Polka (Twin Fiddle)

The Klondike Gold Rush (Old Timey)

Lament for Aunt Mary (In Memory of Mary Tremain)

La Familie Moreaux (Reel)

Le reel Gabriel Jacques (Slow Reel)

Le reel Mont Saint-Michel

Leoville Reel

Long Distance Cajun Shuffle

Maggie Whitaker’s Reel

Meaghan’s Slip Jig

Memories of Eric Karolat (Jig)

The Midnight Country Shuffle

The Mysterious Maid (Reel)

The November Hornpipe

Oddveigvalsen/Oddveig’s Waltz (Norwegian Waltz)

Ode to Cousin Cleaver (Clog)

Polwarth Second Change (Slower Square Dance Tune)

The Reel of Our Forefathers

Reese and Bree (Slow Reel)

Salute to Chief Thunderstick (Reel for Fred Sasakamoose)

The Sanitized Breakdown

Spruce Home Trail Riders Jig

Swingin’ Mathieu (Swing)

The Stuart Thiesson Memorial Two Step (Twin Fiddle)

Uncle Allikk’s Polka (Twin Fiddle)

Tribute to Homer Poitras (First Change/Jig)

Ward’s Family Set - Sheena’s Aire

                                        A Waltz for Jenn

                                        A Two Step for Mitch (Twin Fiddle)

                                        Ward’s Polka (Twin Fiddle)

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