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All of Mine Volume 5-60 Original Fiddle Tunes-PDF Format

All of Mine Volume 5-60 Original Fiddle Tunes-PDF Format

This is the PDF version of my fifth fiddle music book of 60 original tunes in the Canadian, Metis, Irish, Scottish and Norwegian traditions. When ordering the PDF version of the book, after the book is paid for by PayPal, the book will be e-mailed to you when your e-mail address is submitted.


A Waltz for Bernice

Aylene Gracie’s Reel
Blue Heron Waltz

Becky Reid’s Clog

Churchill River Jig

Compliments to Neil Beaton (Cape Breton Style Reel)

Cumberland House Breakdown (Crooked)

Compliments to Patrick Marleau (Twin Fiddle)

The Deschabult Lake Breakdown (Crooked)
Ed Sten’s First Change (Jig)
Funny Bunny Polka

Georgie and Lily (Aire)

The Gordie Howe Jig

Jig à la carte

Hytta i byen/Cottage in the City (Norwegian Style Waltz)
Julien and Juliette’s Polka (Twin Fiddle)
Kerri English’s Waltz
Kiwi Cake (Reel)

The Koehler Girls (Reel)
Langhaugen Reel
Lauren and Amy (Reel)

Les Alouettes d’Ormeaux (Twin Fiddle-Jig)

Lunch in My Igloo (Swing)

Memories of Jan Petter Blom (Norwegian Style Waltz)
Lucky Bucky Hoedown

Memories of John Allan Cameron (Reel)

Pacific Coast Sunrise (Aire)
Petrofka Bridge Kolomeka (Twin Fiddle)

Patric Hamelin’s Reel (Slow Reel)

The Pelican Narrows Breakdown
Reelin’ Kellie

Rita’s Tea Room (Waltz)

The Restless Midnight Ramble (Texas Two Step-Triple Fiddle)

Stacey Lynn’s Reel
The Stump Lake Breakdown

The Stan Westman Memorial Two Step (Twin Fiddle)

Sheila Pelletier’s Waltz
Sigfred’s Wooden Shoes (Schottische-Twin Fiddle)
Silver Cliff Two Step (Twin Fiddle)
Sturgeon Valley Waltz

The Todd Thompson Memorial Reel
Wally and Diane’s Waltz

The Walnut Breakdown
The Whitefish Dancers Reel

Øyvind Sandum’s Button Accordion (Slow Reel)

The Saskatchewan Fiddle Groups Set
The Rosetown Fiddlers (Country Shuffle)
The Swift Current Old Time Fiddlers Waltz (Slow Waltz –Twin Fiddle)
The Maple Creek Old Time Fiddlers Waltz
Fiddlers and Friends (Fox Trot – Twin Fiddle)
The Nipawin Golden Fiddlers Schottische (Twin fiddle)
The Saskatune Fiddlers Jig
The Ile-a-la-Crosse Fiddlers Jig (Crooked)

The Tuffnell Circle Jammers Second Change (Twin Fiddle)

The Milestone Fiddlers Two Step (Twin Fiddle)

The Regina Heritage Fiddlers Two Step (Twin Fiddle)
Compliments to the Mortlach Fiddlers (Two Step – Twin Fiddle)
The Saskatoon Silver Strings Polka (Twin Fiddle)
The Parkland Fiddlers Association Polka

The Parkland Fiddlers Reel
The Saskatoon Fiddle Orchestra One Step (Twin Fiddle)

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