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Some of Mine, Some of Ours Vol.1-55 Original Fiddle Tunes in Hard Copy

Some of Mine, Some of Ours Vol.1-55 Original Fiddle Tunes in Hard Copy

This is the hard copy version of my first book of original fiddle tunes that are my own and shared compositions from the 1990s to the present. When ordering the print version of the book, understand that postal rates can and do change, so after the hard copy book is paid for by PayPal, money order or by cheque, postal rates to where you live will be checked and will then be given to you to ensure postage and handling costs are covered.

Order of Tunes

A Jig Between Friends (with April Verch)
A Reel for Terri Lynn
A Trip to The Country Dance (jig – with Cammy Romanuck-Murphy)
A Waltz for Cammy
Aurora’s Rose (waltz)
Blåbærslåtten/The Blueberry Tune (reinlender/schottische)
Bud and Anne’s Barn Dance (twin fiddle – pattern dance)
Buddies Forever (waltz – with Stephanie Cadman)
C’est bon, c’est bon avec Yvon (jig)
The Cabin One Square Dance Set
      Cabin One Jig
      Cabin One Two Step
      Cabin One Breakdown
The Emma Lake Trilogy (with Ben Beveridge and Shamma Sabir)
A Chokin’ Farewell (aire)
No More Cookies (strathspey)
Go Get Your Own (reel)
Fiddle Fest Reel
GMA (Good Morning America) Blues (swing - with Taylor Buckley)
Hannah Moira’s Christmas Polka (three part – Hannah Moira Midtbø-Bruner)
Holiday in Italy (two step - twin fiddle)
Hot Dogs and Red Wine (jig)
1800 Miles (reel – with April Verch)
Jackpine (bluegrass – with Nancy Padilla)
Junction (JCT) Two Step (partial three part harmony - with John Arcand and Calvin Vollrath)
Karen’s Waltz Clog
Laurie Nicholson’s Jig
Le Dionne Dôntôn (reel - with Calvin Vollrath)
Le Real Decker Boy (reel)
Le reel Camille
Marc’s Brew (reel)
Marielle’s Reel
Meet Us in Montana (slow reel)
Parkland Sunset (country shuffle)
Paul and Eileen’s Schottische (twin fiddle)
Salute to Real Forest (reel)
Summertime Schottische (twin fiddle)
Snow Squall (bluegrass – with Taylor Buckley)
Syv fjell/The Seven Mountains (duet)
Trent’s Beginner Fiddle Tune Set
      The Four Fingered Waltz
      G Major Jig
      The Beginner’s Reel
The Green Lake Trail (reel – twin fiddle)
The Montana Crapshooter (bluegrass – with Taylor Buckley)
Slow Reels Inspired from the Magdalen Islands
The Magdelen Islands Reel
Seals and Clams
The Munchkin Polka (twin fiddle – with John Arcand)
The Right Honourable Prime Minister’s March
The South Saskatchewan Soft Shoe Shuffle (swing/fox trot)
The Sweetness of Hilde (waltz – twin fiddle)
Tveiten’s Waltz/Tveitenvalsen
Two Pairs of Spaghetti Legs (clog)
Wakaw Polka (twin fiddle)
Waltzing in the Tetons
Winner in Wintapeg (with Calvin Vollrath)
Waiting for Home (waltz – with April Verch
Wedding Celebration Jig

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